What Traits To Look For When Hiring Lawyers In Cairns

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What Traits To Look For When Hiring Lawyers In Cairns

If you are facing a legal problem and live in Far North Queensland, then it would be a good idea for you to seek the help of a talented lawyer in Cairns. This professional is going to be able to give you invaluable legal advice on what to do next so that you have the best chance of securing a favourable outcome.

Depending on the type of case you are dealing with, the stakes could be incredibly high, and you would naturally want to get the best lawyers in Cairns on your side. For example, defending yourself against a criminal charge from the police is going to be more difficult and require more legal expertise than if you were simply going through a civil dispute.

Regardless of what kind of case you are facing, there are certain universal traits that all good lawyers in Cairns should possess.


Punctuality and organisation

There would be no point paying for the assistance of a lawyer in Cairns if they can’t manage to show up to meetings on time or if they misplace/lose important documents. A solicitor is meant to be one of the most organised professionals you can ever hire because their entire job revolves around helping non-experts navigate the complexities of the legal system. If the person guiding you through the legal system can’t even keep their desk tidy, then it’s a sign you could probably be spending your money better with another practitioner.


Courtesy and respect

When you meet with the lawyer in Cairns, they should greet you with a smile and be respectful towards you at all times. This means they will give you the chance to explain things in your own words without interrupting you or putting words in your mouth. They should be eager to help you and demonstrate that they have the ability to sympathise with your situation so that they can be the best possible representative on your behalf.


Communication skills

Your lawyer in Cairns also need to be a good communicator in order to articulate things to you, the court, their opposing counterpart(s) and any other parties (such as the jury in a criminal trial). They need to have good oratory ability in order to be able to use rhetoric arguments that convince people that your line of argument is more correct than the other sides’.

Their communication skills will be important if you are ever in a dispute where you need them to negotiate with the other party on your behalf. This is most commonly the case in family law disputes that concern the future custody of children and/or the division of marital assets.



Finally, your lawyer in Cairns must also demonstrate their expertise as a solicitor by having excellent research skills and being able to cite precedent to back up their strategies. The solicitor should always have an elaborate legal justification for the actions they wish to take on your behalf and they should have no trouble explaining it to you.

Of course, it makes sense to hire a lawyer in Cairns who has a specific specialisation in the type of case you are dealing with. For example, a general practise solicitor will be useful if you are facing a manslaughter charge, but a criminal solicitor who specialises in manslaughter will obviously give you a much better chance of securing a favourable outcome.

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