What To Look For When Buying A Designer Swimsuit

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What To Look For When Buying A Designer Swimsuit

Over the decades, thousands of aspiring young models have been photographed wearing designer swimsuits in the hopes of advancing their careers to stardom. While many women have tried, only a select few have broken through the mould to becomes household names, remembered for their sheer beauty and effortless ability to make designer swimsuits the most glamorous clothing any woman could wear.

If you are on the lookout for a designer swimsuit to purchase, you should try to find a compromise between cost and quality. Many brands will have amazing offerings, but you can probably find something equivalent for less money if you shop around.

Let’s take a look at some things you should look for when buying a designer swimsuit.


1.   Something that suits your body type

While you can always wear whatever king of clothing you want, it’s well understood that certain body types/shapes are better suited to different types of clothes. Most often, the reason certain clothes are desired over others is that they compliment the good features of your body and downplay the bad ones.

This is all subjective opinion, but most people tend to follow the general consensus of fashion experts about what clothes suit them. Typically, you are buying a designer swimsuit because you want to impress and look your best – it makes sense to follow the style guides.

Hourglass, apple, bear, athletic – find out what category your body falls into and start shopping from there. If you need help, there are plenty of online guides out there that explain what kind of clothing suits which body type.


2.   Choose something that matches your style

Next, you want to pick designer swimwear that fits your style in terms of colour and design. Perhaps you want to go with something like a bikini that shows more skin or perhaps you want a one-piece that reveals less but is still comfortable. It’s all about what you are personally comfortable with and what your personal taste is.

Varieties of designer swimsuits have come a long way over the decades and there’s a whole lot of inspiration being tossed around. The recent trend seems to be going for deliberately retro looks that invoke the glamour of days past – such as 1960’s style proto-bikinis and other angular shapes that almost have a retro-futuristic appeal to them.

As well as this, minimalist matte colours and patterns are very popular with women who use the piece more as a frame that highlights their body features. This can be seen very much with high waisted pieces that seek to highlight the thin gap between thigh and pelvis.

There are also lots of more quirky offerings for those of you who perhaps don’t take themselves as seriously. These 90’s wallpaper patters that invoke pop culture iconography bring a sense of brevity and fun that really screams your personality to everyone who can see you.


3.   Try and get a package deal

When you are buying designer swimwear, you’ll notice that the price tag is quite high for these items due to their high quality. Since you won’t always be buying them every week, it’s a good idea to see if you can save money by purchasing multiple sets at once. Choosing 3 favourites that you can rotate through the summer is a great idea for anyone.


Hopefully this article helps you with buying the ideal designer swimsuit for you.

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