What To Expect Your Child Will Learn From Attending A Punchbowl Childcare Centre

Punchbowl Childcare Centre facilitator teaching a young boy

What To Expect Your Child Will Learn From Attending A Punchbowl Childcare Centre

When your little one takes their first steps to preschool, parents can have anxiety, unsure of what to expect from their children attending a Punchbowl childcare centre. There is a variety of avenues for your child to learn depending on their age, such as developing physical, language development, emotional, social, and cognitive skills. They will have an incredible team of teachers to be able to help them develop these core areas of learning. In this article, we will dive into what are the core skills your child will learn by your bub attending a reliable Punchbowl Childcare Centre

Here is what to expect when your child takes their first steps to a Punchbowl Childcare Centre


Your child’s brain will develop fully by the primary school; therefore, the formative years of your little one’s life are important for them to learn. Cognitive skills are how the brain processes information by reading, thinking, remembering, learning, and paying attention. At our Punchbowl Childcare Centre, we provide tools and resources to be able to stimulate your child’s mind to be able to start their basis for their learning development. This is developed through reading to them, sensory play, and through a variety of activities. 


We will help your little one develops emotional skills through various activities and through our discussion topics. As they journey through a Punchbowl Childcare Centre, they will develop the tools in acknowledging and expressing a vast selection of emotions. We also help them learn to control their emotions such as anger or sadness, create empathy for others, and create good relationships. Children who know how to manage their emotions are more than able to have a positive self-identity being able to kickstart their learning journey. 

Language development Kids inside a reliable Punchbowl Childcare Centre

Language is an important life skill that every individual must develop at some point in their life. With the help of a Punchbowl Childcare Centre, earlier is better than later as the exercises done in preschool will lay out the foundations for their linguistic learning, making them much more capable of doing well in their literacy classes than those who did not attend preschool. They are able to strengthen their language development through daily reading, literacy exercises and activities, singing songs, and school-ready programs. 


Before your child takes the next steps for school readiness, the best way children can learn is through play. At our Punchbowl Childcare Centre, doing physical activities such as using their sensory and fine motor skills will allow them to understand the world around them. This allows them to ignite their curiosity for learning. We do some physical sporting activities to provide them the tools for a sharp mind and a healthy lifestyle. 


Social skills are heightened by your little one attending a Punchbowl Childcare Centre. Your child will learn how to get along with others as they build their first kinships. They will develop the ability to trust and learn how to connect with others. They develop these skills by observing, copying, and attempting these social behaviours. Punchbowl Childcare Centre allows them to have the basis of good starting relationships to allow them to have good self-confidence, independence, and the ability to have social connections in the future. 

By letting your little ray of sunshine attend a Punchbowl Childcare Centre, they will receive an abundance of educational benefits, including social, physical, language, emotional, and cognitive skills. These skills will have your child up and ready for when they attend the big school, being able to stand out amongst the other students. When they go to a Punchbowl Childcare Centre, they will have the confidence to get out in the world with the help of their teachers, peers, and parents. ­

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