What Makes The Best Massage Chair For Each User?

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What Makes The Best Massage Chair For Each User?

Dozens upon dozens of brands will market themselves as the outlet to offer the best massage chair for each consumer.

It might have the aesthetic appeal and look to be a good fit from a distance, but how do we know whether or not it is worthy of the investment for the long-term?

Chiropractors and physiotherapists have the experience and expertise to offer their insight, but due to conflicts of interest they usually won’t be in a position to advocate for a specific product.

To help individuals narrow their search down, we will discuss what it takes for this profile of chair to be truly labeled as the best.


The Right Fit

The dimensions of the seat and the overall size of the package has to be perfect when defining the best massage chair for each user. Too big or too small and the benefits of the application are significantly diminished. There will be individuals from 4 feet to 7 feet tall who will need to use these items and this is where a specified product has to be on the table. Whether they are manufactured through generic ‘small,’ ‘medium’ or ‘large’ tags to offering exact measurements to the centimetre, these units have to be right on the mark to provide the perfect fit.


Key Health Features

When constituents invest in the best massage chair brand that money can provide, they should expect to acquire a product that offers them key health benefits. This will include improving blood circulation and the immune system to assisting with a deep pattern of sleep, combating anxiety and depression, aligning the spine, addressing chronic back pain and other aches and niggles experienced in the body. These treatments are beneficial for consumers of all ages and backgrounds, ensuring that the item is far beyond a relaxing chair to rest in.


Automated & Customised

One of the great innovations that has taken place with the best massage chair brands on the market is the capacity to offer features that are customised and automated for the user. This can include heating specifications to ease muscle tension, leg rests to elevate the feet and air bag placements to help the massage treatment. All of these benefits are ideally accessible through an automated control panel, allowing the consumer to make the subtle alterations at the touch of a button. Before long there will be voice controlled systems that are more accessible, but the remote control is the next best option in 2019.


Music Entertainment

From Bluetooth speakers to in-built mp3 players, the best massage chair will ideally provide an immersive experience for the user. Whatever their music choice and taste for the treatment, they can have an album or track playing that gives them the chance to be as relaxed as humanly possible. Hip-hop, country, pop, rock, metal, soul, classical and alternative genres can all be enjoyed while the chair does the hard work.


Investment Coverage Protections

Consumers are always advised to consider worst case scenarios, even if those potential events are problematic. Should anyone make their investment with the best massage chair they can buy on the market, all before an accident occurs or a fault is identified, then they could be looking at a costly replacement. However, those individuals who source investment coverage protections like a warranty agreement and return policy won’t have to stress about such scenarios.


The fact remains that the best massage chair for one user won’t necessarily be the same brand for another individual. This is a subjective exercise but there will be universal principles and sets of criteria that will help shoppers to narrow the search. Ideally each participant will engage with their medical specialist as well as sourcing referrals from friends or family members to help them with their inquiry. Once a shortlist has been created, the next phase is to engage suppliers and test the goods in person.


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