Types of Balustrade Available

Types of Balustrade Available

Safety is the first priority that must be considered before constructing a building or a house. Every modern house and buildings nowadays consist of a different number of floors. These floors are connected to each other by means of stairs. When people are moving from a top floor to the bottom floor, a certain type of barricade must be provided at the end of the stairs in order to prevent people from falling. These barricades are known as balustrade Perth. Without balustrade, people would fall from the stairs, thus getting badly injured. Every structure is installed with quality balustrade for the safety of the people. There are various types of materials used to make balustrade. One must choose wisely as they must match with the environment. Some of the materials are:

  1. Stainless steel

This is one of the strongest steels in the world and it cannot be damaged very easily. This is a frequent choice for many people as they can be designed in any desired shape. It is the best choice for those people who want to have more control over the design of the balustrade Perth.

  1. Wood

Wood is another preferred material for balustrade. They can be carved into any desired shape and are very easy to use.

Types of Balustrade Available

  1. Stone

People prefer to use stone material because stone powder can be designed for any kind of shape by means of casting. Other than casting, certain designs can also be generated by means of carving. Balustrade made from stone can be quite costly, especially when they are made in marble.

  1. Polymer

Balustrade made from this material looks exactly like stone balustrade. The only difference between them is that polymer-based balustrade is cheaper as compared to the stone based balustrade. Other than that, there are a vast variety of designs to choose from.

  1. Glass

Balustrade made from glass are very royal looking and can be used in places which have a lot of lightning. There are a variety of designs to choose from.

Why do we need balustrade?

In order to protect the people from falling from the stairs, there are certain rules and regulation created by the government. Depending on the height of the balcony, the height of the balustrade may differ greatly. There are some situations where balustrade is not needed. Restraining walls is one such case where balustrade is not needed unless they are associated with a path of travel around the building. But still, it is recommended to use balustrade in order to minimize the risk of people falling from stairs. The quality of the balustrade Perth must also be very good so that they won’t break very easily upon impact.

It doesn’t matter whatever the material is chosen as long as the balustrade does not break. There are some materials which break more easily as compared to others. For example, balustrade made from glass is more prone to breaking than a stainless steel. Thus, the material of the balustrade must be chosen wisely as per the design of the building.

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