The 4 Major Differences Between Premium Removalists & Inferior Ones

Premium removalists unloading furniture and boxes

The 4 Major Differences Between Premium Removalists & Inferior Ones

They’re a necessary part of any smart campaign for moving – whether it be your office or your home. The smarter ones amongst us will garner the employ of premium removalists that get the job done right and done well. There is always the temptation to go it alone, but if you want your back intact and your belongings unscathed, it’s always wise to go with the professionals.

Even in the world of premium removalists there are decisions to be made, the simple decision to hire a company is not enough when you consider the wide berth of different levels of quality you can end up having in your employ. There are certain companies that offer a superior blended service that is quite noticeable and well worth the money, while budget should always be important and a factor in decision making, there are some services where the quality of work trumps the price tag.

We’re quite delighted to be able to determine a few defining factors that separate the premium removalists from the rest.

1.   Trained & Equipped

Premium removalists have the advantage of being specially trained and equipped with superior equipment to ensure a job is done correctly. This is less common than you may think as there are so many examples of inferior companies having a few friends get together without any training and call themselves professionals.

Often having some semblance of uniform and professionalism is an indicator of premium removalists and it’s not out of the ordinary for you to request some form of history to ensure you’re getting some trained or experienced workers in your employ.

2.   Insured & Covered

Premium removalists moving furniture into the new house

Speaking of professional, the greatest examples we’ve found of premium removalists have been those who have coverage in some form or another. With some stake of responsibility that is justifiable in a court of law is a very good indicator of quality. It shows they’re confident in their work and will double down on the responsibility by having the necessary coverage and insurance to assure their clients of this.

Premium removalists having this coverage will also give you further ease that your belongings and property are at least covered financially in case of a genuine accident, leaving you to stress less in the move, which can be overwhelming to say the least.

3.   Communicative

One great separator between premium removalists and their less experienced and professional cohorts is in their ability to communicate. Not only with you in the general sense, but also in their ability to explain certain situations, why some things are being moved in different ways or times. It’s this level of customer service that gives premium removalists the notoriety and trustworthiness that puts them well above their compatriots in terms of preference.

It can be hard to discern this particular attribute on the offset, simply asking a few early questions to your prospective company will assist in determining whether or not they are true premium removalists.

4.   Prompt

Being timely is absolutely vital, not only because it tends to cost money and moving is a tight enough frame as it is, but also in professional terms. Having premium removalists means they’ll likely be showing up on time, and working efficiently to the agreed upon hours. Some less than stellar alternatives will often be late, take too long and end up costing you extra in fees and services.

This not only leaves a bad experience, but it also serves to add more stress to the day which is the last thing you ever require. Take your time and do your research.

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