Some of the Best Leather Lounges

Some of the Best Leather Lounges

Leather lounges are sofas that stay with you for life time if you take proper care of it. However it is true that leather couches are very expensive but it is long lasting and best to use. Leather lounges can become a member of your family but like all the members you need to take special care of it. Leather lounges improves with the time if taken proper care of it. Lack of care can lead to stain and cracking of leather. Here are some of the best leather lounges-

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Philly is the best leather lounge which comes in beige color and it is specially known for its color. It comes in three sizes according to family and for individuals. These lounges are made in such a way that it feels so comfortable in sitting. People just love to sit on these lounges. These lounges have adjustable headrest and helps with lot of support.


Seattle is one of the best seller modern leather lounges. These lounges come in black color made with soft foams and are very comfortable to sit on. The headrests are adjustable and have better setting of angle. You can buy full set of these lounges or even separately. In short, these are most luxurious and long lasting leather lounges for your home sweet home.


You can just fall in love with these lounges. Theses lounges are made and designed in Australia. These lounges come in grey color. It is just the perfect lounges to sit and it provides full comfort. They use highest grade of foam and pads for every lounge to achieve good looking sofas. Oliver also offers you rental sofa, where you can take sofas on rent.

Birch Lane’s Landry Leather sofa

Birch lane’s lounges are for people who prefer leather sofas with classic designs. These lounges come in seven colors, in all shades of grey and brown and it is also dyed. Birch lane sofa has light arms, light backs and curved legs which gives a new fashioned look to it.

These are some of the best leather lounges. However to maintain these lounges for long time, you need to take special care of it. Original leathers are expensive and needs lot of maintenance and it is important to maintain it with good care.

Here are some tips how to take care of your leather lounges:-

*Make sure that you clean these leather lounges every six months to prevent it from drying and cracking.

*Don’t use any oil while cleaning, clean it with a soft cloth. Microfiber cloth is the best cloth used for cleaning leather furniture‚Äôs.

*Do not rub any spills on the leather instead use a microfiber cloth to mop.

*Do not use any homemade products especially which contains oil in it.

*You can also use a vacuum cleaner with soft attached brush which pulls all the dust out of the leather

*Mix vinegar and water and add hardly drops of leather cleaner in it. Clean with this mixture for a brighter and tidy look.

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