Popular Demolition Contractors in Sydney

Popular Demolition Contractors in Sydney

Major projects are a team of demolition contractors Sydney who is famous for the largest demolition activities in southern hemisphere. In fact the team is also famous for the recycling habit which is highly helpful for the conservation of resources in the earth. The team has connections with many institutions which help in the before and after process of the demolition activities. The contact number of the team is 61 2 4967 7900. The different kinds of services given by the team includes consulting services for mine closure, industrial demolitions, marine demolitions, bridge demolitions, remediation of site and removal of asbestos. These kinds of the services by the team are not so common among the other teams of demolition contractors Sydney. The major concern of the team is that the concern to the environment which exactly makes the team one of the most asked for teams of destruction builders Sydney.


The major attraction of the team which attracts the customers more than the other teams of explosion managers Sydney is that they have an experience of numerous years around forty years. This is also a feature which is highly rare in the demolition industry in Sydney. The landmark demolitions of the team are noted below:

In 1970s the team got established by Ken Adams by the first family demolition activities. All the materials after the demolition were salvaged for sale.

In 1980s the commercial and residential demolition was started in Melbourne and nearby places. It includes the destructions of hospitals, warehouses, bridges, big shops etc.

In 1990s the industrial demolition was started by the team even in the remote areas. The specialization of the team in the mines demolition, chemical plants, abatement of asbestos, the remediation activities, and rehabilitation after the clearance of sites also attracts the customers more.

In 2000s the explosion of BHP Newcastle Steelworks was done by the team. This was one of the major landmark demolitions by the team which made them very famous among the other bulldozing haulers Sydney.

In 2010s the team got specialization in the industrial demolition segment- heavy who included the locations like remote areas and villages, miming, marine areas, plant closures, structures which are contaminated, difficult project and removal of hazardous materials.

One of the highlighted features of the team which make them very different from the other teams of annihilation defense contractors Sydney is that they have done many steps in the environmental conservation and protection. It primarily includes the formation of Major Projects Foundation with an aim to stop the escaping of fuel oil from the shipwrecks. This will help a lot in the damage to environment. The seed funding is also a step towards the same.

The major attractions of the team Major Projects is the concern towards the environment by introducing many steps like no escaping of fuel oil from the shipwrecks, seed funding etc. these movements make the team one of the popular team of demolition contactors Sydney with an experience of 40 years.

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