How to Search Engine Optimise Your Blog Posts

How to Search Engine Optimise Your Blog Posts

It is common knowledge that there are many benefits to having a blog on a website. People are able to actively engage with their readers, especially when they have an open comments section. Furthermore, blog posts can easily be shared across various platforms which is a great way to get exposure.

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Another benefit to having an active blog is that search engine bots are more likely to deem that website as reliable and are more likely to then show that site in the first page of search engine results. This means that individuals and businesses are able to reach more people that they can then aim to turn into clients or customers. In addition to all of this, they are able to build a positive brand awareness.

While this may seem simple enough to achieve, there are some things that people are able to do in order to further search engine optimise their blog posts. When people do this, they are able to reach as many people as possible and are able to keep up with their competitors. As this is such an important topic for website owners to consider, this article will explore this further.

Include links in your blog posts

A simple and common way that people search engine optimise their blog posts is by including a few links. It is important when doing this to ensure that only a few are included so that Google doesn’t deem the post as spam. Most claim that four links in a safe bet.

There are two different link types that people should include and one is internal links and the other is external. An internal would send readers to another area on the same website whereas an external would send readers to another website. Usually a mixture of the two is most beneficial.

There are many benefits to implementing this method and one of which is that search engine power is distributed. When people use internal links, they are able to have a certain area of their website show up in more than one place. This means that search engine bots will notice it twice.

When using external links, this is a great way to build relationships with other relevant companies and is also a great way for a site to increase their digital footprint. When doing this it is important to remember to link to trusted and high-quality sites. Therefore, it is imperative to use one of the best SEO company in Sydney when outsourcing your SEO service.

Use keywords in the title and body of the blog post

Another great way to search engine optimise a blog post is by using relevant keywords. These are words or sentences that people believe that searchers would use in order to find something. For instance, someone looking for a party dress may search for “size 8 cheap party dresses”.

When people decide upon who their target audience is, they are then able to guess the type of things that they will be searching for. Businesses are also able to work with digital marketing companies who can perform keyword research for them. From there, people can implement these keywords in the title and body of their posts.

It is important that people don’t overdo this as, once again, Google may mark the post as spam. It is usually a safe bet to include the term in the title once and then to include 5-10 keywords per page. If people are ever unsure, they can chat with their digital marketing company.

In conclusion, there are many different ways that people are able to search engine optimise their blog posts that are not only simple but that are also effective.

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