Fold Up Wall Beds & Other Stylish Solutions

Stunning room with fold up wall beds

Fold Up Wall Beds & Other Stylish Solutions

Modern living has brought with it, modern problems. The once humble fold-up wall beds are making a comeback not seen for decades and for some very good reasons. Interior design has come a long way since the 70’s where a murphy couch was as common as disco. An influx of creatively designed fold up wall beds are making a big impact on apartment dwellers, students, and the minimalistic inclined. As living spaces become more compact, the concept of thinking vertically has also become a necessity, and with necessity, comes lateral ideas that have style, sophistication, and utility. So today we will explore the rebirth of fold up wall beds and other solutions for modern living.

From Classic to Contemporary; Fold Up Wall Beds

In their heyday, fold up wall beds were a bit of an eyesore, with metalwork plastered to the paint and an often-uncomfortable mattress putting unnecessary pressure on your back. They didn’t have a lot of styles, they were purely made for necessity for lower-income houses or as an emergency extra bed for guests. They were space-saving to a certain extent but not as entirely as you may think.

Fold up wall beds then started to adapt, they began being designed as a feature of the room rather than the distracting aspect of it. Soon fold up wall beds became part of the home itself, wherein they were designed to fit perfectly in the side of a room with no visibility.

Better still, fold up wall beds started to be built with shelving on the other side of them which not only helped with space saving, but also instigated an array of fresh ideas for designs and concepts, bringing a smaller room to life. Some fold up wall beds have been equipped with a foldable desk on the other side, converting a study into a bedroom with an easy pull.

Movin’ On Up; Adding A Vertical Space

For confined spaces like loft style apartments, there is a common trend amongst the creative types to go higher. One way that stylists have adapted to small spaces is to add high-quality vertical platforms for high roofed loft apartments, using all the empty space above for a less cluttered life below. There’s been a number of instances of people adding an entire new floor to a one room apartment using this particular solution, if you’re going to try it make sure it’s a durable and sturdy material.

Mountains & Molehills; Demountable Furnishings

One of the more innovative changes to furnishings around the house in the compact age is the creation and manufacturing boom of demountable furniture. Not just fold-up wall beds, other bulky home furnishings like desks and even kitchen tables have been redesigned to be compacted to a fraction of their size when not in use. This opens the doors for redesigning your interior like never before, with compact builds and easy movement you can rearrange your living space until your hearts content. As time goes on and the manufacturing ability increases, the sturdiness of these furnishing options will only increase as sturdy materials are more readily available.

From fold up wall beds to second floor lofts, the imagination that has gone in to compacting a lifestyle is immeasurably intriguing. There’s no telling where it’ll go next but we’re along for the ride. If you’re feeling a little cramped or a little caved in, it may be time to take some time and try a few of these ideas for your little slice of heaven.

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