Everything You Need To Know About Sensual Massage

man getting a sensual massage

Everything You Need To Know About Sensual Massage

Sensual massage follows the same principles as the traditional variety except it has a more intimate and sometimes erotic purpose. Many romantic couples participate in this activity without even really realising as part of their lead-up to sex, a process also known as ‘foreplay’.

In a commercial context, a sensual massage refers to an experience provides by a masseuse who may or may not advertise based on their individual sex appeal. This is where it can become tricky to separate this kind of practitioner from a sex worker. If seeing a prostitute is considered therapeutic, then so is getting this kind of treatment.


Relaxation and wellness

A big benefit of getting a sensual massage is that it can relive stress and make you feel at peace with the world. A lot of people who work long hours might have pent up stress from their jobs that a simple session with this kind of practitioner could do a lot to offset and mitigate. Getting one session a month could be all you need to offset some of the stress of work and give yourself a reward to look forward to.

Having this kind of relaxation helps to stop the build-up of problematic stress in your life. Stress is something that is not taken seriously enough until it is too late and someone snaps, to avoid having a mental breakdown you should always keep an eye on your stress levels and take time to reduce them.


If you have a partner

If you are in a committed monogamous relationship, then it may be hard to convince your partner to let you get a sensual massage from someone else, even when its in a non-romantic professional context. While most people wouldn’t think twice about their partner booking a professional masseuse, the adding of that special ‘s’ word in front implies an erotic element that they may not be comfortable with.

While it isn’t quite as severe as running away with another lover behind your partner’s back, it’s still something you would want to talk with them about before going off to do it. Even if you assume that they won’t mind, you should ask anyway since not being asked could be the worst betrayal for them rather than the act itself. People don’t want to feel like their partner is keeping anything from them.

Honesty is the most important thing in a good relationship and even though this may seem like something small it could spiral into the catalyst for what splits you up. The best solution is to simply ask your partner to learn some techniques so they can give you their best approximation of a sensual massage.


Booking a sensual massage

If you are ready to go and get a sensual massage, then it’s a good idea to search the internet to get a list of the best results for you to choose from. Don’t just go with the first result you see, browse each of them to see what additional information you can glean.

Check out their ‘about me’ or ‘bio’ section to learn more about their style and general work ethic. It might also be a good idea to speak with them over the phone an get more of a sense of how they are so you can be sure you are going to enjoy the experience you want to have.

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