Busy Light, A Modern Equivalent Of Do Not Disturb Sign

Busy Light, A Modern Equivalent Of Do Not Disturb Sign

Here in this article we will learn more about the modern technology named busy light which is regarded as the modern do not disturb sign. As the term busy light suggests, it will show if the user is busy or not. Busy light is widely used in offices. You can say that busy light is regarded as a polite manner to tell your colleagues, that you are busy attending a call. One look at the busy light and they will know about your availability status. This way, busy light makes sure that employees are glued to seats focusing on their tasks. This technology is based on a simple principle. Whenever you are on the call, the light turns on. Everyone will come to know that you are busy on a call. And when you hang up, the light turns off.


Interruptions at office

If you have ever worked in an office, you will know that interruptions happen all the time. Your seniors and colleagues come to your cubicle all the time for something or the other.

  • Just consider this scenario. A sales employee is on the verge of closing a deal with an important client. At the very moment, you are interrupted by a colleague or senior official.
  • As you can imagine, the client will be unhappy with the kind of service you have given. It is not good for the deal.
  • More than your colleagues trying to interrupt, there are times a senior official comes to your desk to tell you that they want to talk to you urgently.
  • Since a senior official has interrupted you, you have no other choice but to end the call. And that means you failed to strike that deal. It is not good for the company. It is not good for your performance either.
  • You cannot really afford to have irritated customers. It is really important to attend to them in the proper manner. An unhappy customer is not good for the business.

Technology coming in the way

As far as interruptions are concerned, the advancements in technology also must share some blame. For instance, headsets are very common when it comes to employees working in sales, customer service and administration departments. They use headsets extensively since they might be talking to clients all day long. In this case it is really hard to tell if they are busy talking to somebody or sitting idle. May be they are listening to the complaints of the customer and you might mistake it for them sitting idle; so most of the interruptions happen because they assume that you are free to talk. Busy light comes to your rescue. It will let your colleagues know that you are busy doing some work. And they will keep away.

Most importantly, this message will be delivered in a polite manner. That is the most important thing. This is exactly how the technology comes into your rescue. You will be able to get on with your task without any disruptions. If you are somebody who cares deeply about the productivity, then you will appreciate the service rendered by busy light.

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