All About Sydney’s Artificial Grasses

All About Sydney’s Artificial Grasses

Synthetic grass has many benefits compared to the real grass. Synthetic grass needs no maintenance and it is very easy to clean when it gets dirty. It is child friendly and is very soft for children to play. It does not require water like the real ones. It can be installed anywhere, in gardens, school playgrounds and even at home. These Synthetic grasses are especially for the area where real grass cannot be grown. These artificial grasses has many benefits like it is pet friendly, child friendly, lead free, UV protection, No maintenance, easy to install and most of all it feels like real grass. Sydney synthetic grass is very popular and on the go in Sydney.

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A Sydney artificial grass specialist is the company where they supply and install grasses wherever needed in Sydney. They have experience of 15 years and are very professional in designing these grasses and installing them. Their experts have lots of experience in installing synthetic grass for grounds, gardens, homes, school playgrounds, gym, tennis courts and all the other places. They fulfill all your needs according to your budget and your project size. They supply over 20 varieties of highest quality of Australian made long lasting and child friendly synthetic grasses. Here are 3 of the best Sydney’s synthetic grasses:-

GREEN – 9’x12′ Standard Sizes – Artificial grass

These fake grass Sydney are made of high standard quality synthetic material. These artificial grasses are usually heavy than the other types of grasses and are extra soft in feel. It is 100% toxic free and are very safe for kids as well as pets. Besides all this, it is also fade resistant, UV resistant, stain resistant and highly durable and can bear any type of weather like harsh weather or even rainy season. Moreover it needs very less maintenance this is why you do not need to water it or spray any pesticides or fertilizers. It is very easy to install anywhere as well as can be easily cleaned. The edges are made with premium fabric which gives it a nice finished look. These grasses are best to be placed in garden, at home, playgrounds and it gives guarantee for long lasting.

Synthetic Turf Fake/Artificial Grass Lawn Indoor Outdoor Super Quality Landscape Premium Realistic (7 feet X 13 feet = 91 square foot)

These artificial grasses are super durable and highly dense made with high standard and quality materials. It is last longing and comes with a guaranteed for 14 years. Its 13/8 inch blade provides this grass a beautiful manicured look. The material used while making are kid’s friendly and non toxin and gives a soft look which makes it perfect selection for outdoor as well as indoor projects. It can be clean easily and hence is low cost and hassle free in maintenance, therefore you don’t need to water or spray any fertilizer on it. These are the best Sydney fake grasses you can buy.

iCustomRug Green Turf Rug for Outdoor Artificial/Fake Grass In feet 6′ by 13′

These grasses are installed mainly for outdoor projects. It is made with lightweight quality synthetic material with short blade height. It installs easily and can be fold up easily. Their edge gives a proper finished look and it provides UV resistant as well as fade resistant. It is easy and hassle-free to clean and is very light in weight with low maintenance. These are regarded as the most excellent Sydney synthetic grass for outdoor projects.

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