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HR interviewing an applicant

3 Reasons Why Students Should Undertake HR Internships For Their Future Careers

It is a well-known fact throughout university and other academic fields that HR internships are a necessity in order for students to gain the necessary skills and experience required to do their jobs properly. HR internships allow students to find experience in the career that they want to go into. Studying a degree will give […]

Melbourne catering services

Tips For Hiring Melbourne Catering Services

Finding the perfect Melbourne catering services for your next function can be a challenge. Many people are not sure where to start when setting up an event. Between hiring the DJ, event staff, bartenders and sorting out the venue, it’s a big task to organise an occasion. One of the most memorable and important parts […]

Stunning room with fold up wall beds

Fold Up Wall Beds & Other Stylish Solutions

Modern living has brought with it, modern problems. The once humble fold-up wall beds are making a comeback not seen for decades and for some very good reasons. Interior design has come a long way since the 70’s where a murphy couch was as common as disco. An influx of creatively designed fold up wall […]