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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Meet my new secret weapon...

Every girl has that "Ah-ha" moment where you learn/catch onto a beauty trick/routine and never look back....

One of my biggest and best moments was learning not only how to properly tweeze my eyebrows, but also the importance of a good wax every now and then to keep their shape maintained.  Because we all know that groomed eyebrows can totally change your appearance and make you look fabulous.  Too bad no one ever taught me this until my later years of high school (there are some haunting pictures floating around out there!  Ugh!)

Now for whatever reasons, I was blessed with furry brows that require frequent grooming.  Lucky me, I know.  The one thing that drives me nuts is when you get long hairs that you can't quite tame; they stick up, out, the other direction, you know what I mean.  Frustrating.  You try to trim them shorter, but as some of you may have experienced, if you trim too short, you end up looking like a fool.  I am shuddering as I type this, thinking of a particularly awful encounter with the scissors that left my brows short and stubby...  Not what I intended! 

You never want to glance in the mirror and see Magnum PI looking back (handsome guy, awful eyebrows).  I have almost killed ThriftyGuy for this before - not telling me that my eyebrow was sticking up while out in public, making me look like a fool!!  Help a sister out with a quick finger swipe or gesture and ESP message telling me to fix it, will ya?!  Sigh.  When I saw Brow Doctor on, I knew I had to try it for these very (dire) reasons.

What exactly is Brow Doctor?  It is a product made by Beauty Society that comes in packaging similar to a mascara tube and contains a product that I am simply smitten with.  Brow Doctor is a clear gel that you apply with a wand (looks just like the one used to apply mascara) to your eyebrows.  For us more endowed girls, it does a magical job of not only keeping brows in place, but also keeps them free of becoming stiff or flaky.  So no more unsuspected embarrassing eyebrow slip-ups!  Woo-hoo!

And for my less furry friends (or for you overzealous pluckers out there), never fear!  When applied regularly, Brow Doctor may actually help you get full, luscious lashes!  It contains both patent pending lash lengthening and thickening ingredients that can help give you beautiful, natural looking brows.  And no, I have not grown over-fuzzy because of it.  It simply keeps my brows looking freshly groomed and gains me more compliments than a wax job alone ever has!  Honestly, I think of this product as my "secret weapon" when getting ready for the day. 

My one regret?  Not knowing about Brow Doctor sooner.  Seriously, where was this stuff when I was in high school?!?  I can only imagine the akward moments it would have saved (and awful pictures it would have spared!)

To check out Brow Doctor for yourself, click here to visit EssentialDermCare's website.  While you are there, be sure to check out their other great products, rewards program, and current specials and sales!