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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Build a better Easter basket...
for lots less!

Easter is coming, and with it is the anxiety of having to throw together a basket for the kids that is not only affordable and quick but also something they'll actually like.  That can be tough.  Before you go buying all of your Easter basket supplies in one place or resorting to a pre-made Easter basket, consider the following ideas to help build a basket that is sure to please that's also easy on your wallet!

Craft Stores (Michaels, A.C. Moore):  As you may have guessed, this is the time of year that they have all of the necessary supplies on sale for super cheap (baskets, grass, plastic eggs, etc.)  See something you like that's not on sale?  Don't worry - just use your 40% off coupon on it to maximize savings!

Dollar Tree:  You know the drill - everything is just a dollar!  They may not have everything you want, but getting the basics for a couple of bucks (and saving a bunch in the process) can be helpful!

Drug Stores (CVS, Walgreens):  Watch for deals that offer super cheap or even free items with coupons, rebates, and special deals.  Plus, use your Extra Bucks and Register Rewards to snatch up the rest of your supplies.  You'll be surprised what you can get for free and how much you'll save!

ULTA:  This one may be something you hadn't thought about, but be sure to check out their circular.  This week (4/10) they have an awesome deal:  Get 5  items plus a basket for $10. Pair that with the $3.50 off any $10 purchase coupon on the front of the ad (exp. 4/16) and you'll fill up a cute (and useful!) Easter basket for just $6.50!

Party City:  They aren't just for streamers and balloons!  You'll find deals on baskets, grass, candy and more!  Plus, sign up for their email list and they'll send you useful coupons to save even more!

Homemade:  Never underestimate the power of personal touch.  Sometimes homemade items can be the absolute favorites.  From homemade baskets to goodies, crafts and toys , if you have the time, this can not only save you lots of money but also add a heartfelt touch.

Think outside the box:  Books, magazines, gift cards, games - whatever the individual would like.  Lots of people give baby chicks and bunnies as gifts this time of year.  Really think about this decision - they are cute and small now, but grow bigger, live a long life, and have needs and responsibilities that may turn out to be too much for you, your child, or your family to handle.  If it's something you are interested in, be careful where you buy them from (ie: the display at the mall).  The farm down the road may not be as cute and popular, but the chicks may be cheaper, healthier, and better cared for.  Something to think about.
As always, the basket is what you make it.  Have fun, be creative, and most importantly, enjoy the true meaning of the holiday with your family!

Hope these tips help!  : )