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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Attention Target Shoppers...

Attention Target Shoppers!  I found a great little find the other day and wanted to share...

It may not seem like much to some of you, but what I found was super cheap and has really come in handy so I thought I'd share!

Target has a set of 6 plastic small bowls (they can fit in the palm of your hand). What's so great about that? Well, for starters, it's a cheap way to help with portion control. ThriftyGuy and I find them perfect for cereal in the mornings, as you can do a simple pour and not overdo it as much as you would with a normal bowl.  That means no measure cups - hooray!  : )  Also, they are perfect size for snacks (chips and salsa, cut up fruit, applesauce, cottage cheese, ice cream - you name it!)  And did I mention they were plastic?  Great for the kids to use as well!  We also use them if we are eating dinner and have a side dish that we want separate from our plates - works perfectly!  (Just the other night we had pasta salad and these little bowls saved the day!)

The best news of all is that a set of 6 is only $1.99!  (Please note that price is here in Raleigh, NC and may vary around the country).  I love that they are so cheap, convenient, and diet friendly! 

Thought I'd mention them in case you want to pick up a pack while you are out shopping!  Look for them in the kitchen section of your store (I found them on an end cap.  They also had cups and bowls to match.)  You can see them online here.  However, they are only sold as part of a set online.  It's still super cheap if you are interested.  The bowls I am talking about are the small ones in the picture (left side).  At 33¢ apiece (in-store for a set of 6), the price (and convenience) is quite nice!