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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New deal on Weight Watchers magazine

The latest magazine to go on sale dirt cheap is Weight Watcher's magazine. You can get your subscription for only $2.99 per year, and you can order up to four years at that price! Make sure to use the coupon code "weight" at checkout to receive this discount. Click here to sign up for yours today! Act quickly because I do not know how long this deal will be available for!


Anonymous said...

Actually I am getting a price of $3.99

MB said...

The price was $3.99 which is an $11 discount when I did this. It was still a great deal.

MB said...

I thought you would like to know that The Weight Watchers Magazine is a bi-monthly magazine and was $3.99 with the "weight" code and I did go through Thrify Girl to get to the site. You can get up to 3 years not 4 at $3.99 per year. It still is a great deal. Thanks!

ThriftyGuy said...

When the deal was posted, it was $2.99 and up to four years. With Tanga, they will offer a limited amount of subscriptions at the low price.