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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wishpot: another new (FREE) service to make life easy! Check it out! : )

Ever wish that you could make a 'registry' of sorts for occasions other than weddings? Or how about being able to add items from multiple places instead of being stuck to just that one store?

Well, consider this your lucky day! Wishpot is a great new website that allows you to create a *wishlist* for any occasion: birthday, honeymoon, wedding, baby, Christmas, or even just an everyday “I Want” list. You place it on your browser toolbar and can add items from any online retailer you so desire. Wishpot then keeps all of these items neat and organized on your list (in one spot)! No more awkwardness asking for cash instead of gifts; friends and family can even give you money if you request it! Wishpot also offers a (very useful!) price alert feature to keep track of price changes as well as gift ideas for either giving or receiving.

What an awesome (FREE) service!