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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Target Boxes of Baby Wipes for $0.55!

While on my hunt for coupons, I came across a coupon at Hot Coupon World for $1 off diapers or baby wipes at Target (their Up and Up brand).  Rumor was circulating the Internet that this would make them free, but I had my doubts, as the coupon clearly stated, "Excludes trial size".  Anyway, I figured I'd check it out since I needed to stop by Target and I happen to know a few people that are expecting soon.  I know that prices may vary by region, so I will say that your price may vary slightly from mine (here in NC). 

Here's what I found:  There was no sale on the Up and Up (Target) brand of wipes; however, a box of 72 baby wipes was $1.55.  A refill pack of wipes was $1.87.  I may not be an expert when it comes to baby stuff, but I must say that $0.55 for a box of wipes (or $0.87 for a refill) seems to be a darn good deal.  The shelves were almost cleared out, so I only got 4 and I had absolutely no problem at all using 4 coupons.  In fact, one of my coupons wouldn't scan for some reason, so the girl scanned another coupon 4 times.  Brilliant!  And the fact that I went to a regular Target and not a SuperTarget?  Didn't even matter!  (I say this because it is a SuperTarget coupon).

***To get your coupon:  Click on the link below.  Go under where it says "Expiring 12/05/09 and look for "up & up Diapers or Baby wipes, Excludes trial size - $1/1 ); enter the number of coupons you want to print! I printed 6, so I don't think there is a limit!