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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Old Navy reset... coupon locations listed!

OK... another Old Navy Weekly reset, but a very weird one at that.  The page reset and loaded quicker than most could realize, yet it would show half the page and no coupons would come up.  Very frustrating!  Finally, coupons would be available a few at a time, but were pretty tough to get.  Out of the 200+ people I was chatting with, I don't know of a single person that got a high value coupon!!  Bummer!  If I happen to come across any coupons or have any donated, I will be sure to let you all know ASAP!

Here are the coupon locations:

  • $65 off/$100 purchase:  Put the white sweater (upper right corner) on Amy.  Click the dog in the picture frame and then (QUICKLY!) click on the floating stars.

  • $45/$100 purchase:  Put the black and gray striped sweater on Amy and click the white light that shines up and down in the upper right hand corner (this is VERY tough!)

  • 20% off:  Put the yellow sweater on Amy and click her lips.

  • 15% off:  Reset the page (Amy is in a white tank top).  Click her black fingernail; it will turn red.

  • 10% off:  Place the pink sweater (upper left corner) on Amy.  Click the color circles from right to left (black to purple/pink) and then click "PreStyle it!"

**I will tell you that even the lower value coupons have been saying they are no longer available (including 20% off?!?)  I am not sure what will be available at the time you visit Old Navy Weekly (since it is acting so strangely), but at least you will know the locations!  If anything should happen to change (ie:  more coupons become available), ThriftyGuy or myself with let you know!

If you would like to donate a coupon for a giveaway, please contact me at jen at thriftygrl dot com.  Thanks!!  : )