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Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Pillsbury printable coupon; could possibly lead to FREE (or very inexpensive) cookies!!

As many of you know, I participate in the Pssst... program from General Mills.  They are great at sending you coupons, freebies, and giving you a heads up on new products! 

Speaking of which, I just received an email from them regarding Pillsbury's latest cookie line "Simply...".

Here's what they had to say:
This month, Pillsbury is helping you celebrate National Peanut Butter Lovers Month with a tasty deal on its new Pillsbury® simply...™ Refrigerated Peanut Butter Cookies. Nothing makes a house feel more like a home than the aroma of cookies baking. Fresh-from-the-oven cookies are the perfect treat for an after-school snack or an impromptu visit from friends.

The new simply...™ cookies are made with simple ingredients and nothing more. They contain zero grams of trans fat; no high-fructose corn syrup; and no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. The cookies are made with wholesome ingredients such as flour, sugar, eggs, vanilla and peanut butter — just like you would make cookies at home.

Refrigerated simply...™ cookies are ready to bake with no messy preparation. When looking for simplicity in the foods you serve at home, try simply...™ cookies for warm treats from the oven in minutes.

The new simply...™ cookies package is white and uncomplicated, for easy reference. Each package makes 12 cookies. Just place the cookie dough on a cookie sheet, bake and enjoy.

Also included in the email was a coupon for $1.25 off one package of Pillsbury Peanut Butter Simply... Refrigerated Cookie Dough.  While the coupon does specify to not double or triple, this is still a great value of a coupon that could lead to FREE (or very inexpensive!) cookies when paired with a sale.  Also, I am not sure of Walmart's price on these, but they are always great to match coupons with to get free or very cheap items!!
Click here to get your coupon now! 
       (Coupon expires 12/5/09)