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Sunday, November 8, 2009

A must-do: Add this phone number to your cell phone before leaving the house today!!

Ever been out at a store, just browsing around and see something on sale and wonder, "Hmmmm.... is that really a good price or could I get it cheaper somewhere online?"  I know I do!  And the thought of buying it and then finding it cheaper online (and therefore having to drive back to the store to return it) is less than appealing!

Well, wonder no more!  Frucall is a FREE service that allows you to comparison shop via phone call, text, or mobile web!  I decided to try this when buying the new Wii Fit Plus game last night.  The automated system took the barcode with no problem and told me the comparable prices at various online merchants, all within a few moments time!  This will definitely come in handy, especially with prices falling as we head toward the holiday season!

Frucall's number is:  1-888-DO-FRUCALL  (1-888-363-7822).  You can also visit their website here, where registration is FREE and includes member-only features such as customized price alerts!