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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Important Black Friday Information...

If you are like most people, Black Friday is a big deal to you.  I know it is to many people I know.  And lately the Internet is on fire with Black Friday rumors, ads, and deals.  There are Black Friday Facebook groups, websites, etc.  Two Black Friday websites that I personally like are and GottaDeal.

Both do an excellent job at keeping up with the hoopla of Black Friday, however, it does make me nervous to get excited about the ads, as they may not be correct.  Many sites warn of this and place disclaimers up in case the rumored ads turn out incorrect.

For instance, Bfads disclaimer states,
"Any and all items posted on prior to an advertisement being nationally released are to be regarded as speculation. We are in no way affiliated with any stores listed on our site and any sale information is in no way validated or confirmed until released an advertisement has been released by its parent company. Don't be surprised if our speculated deals are correct, we do have a very good track record in the past years."

So I tell you about these sites (if you didn't already know of them) with slight hesitation.  My advice?  Take them with a grain of salt and don't plan you entire Friday around them until the *official* ads are released.  The good news?  Stores are trying to avoid the craziness of years past (although I doubt they can do much to prevent it) and are already releasing their own ads.  I first mentioned this a while back when Meijer announced it's Black Friday deals on their website (you can view the post here).

I am excited to say that I recently got an email from Bath and Body Works...  it seems they are releasing bits and pieces of information slowly, as to entice shoppers (and boy do they!)  I am excited about the first deal they let on to:  the 2009 VIP Bag with 10 Impressive Products (worth over $100; only $15 with any $40 purchase on Black Friday!)  It looks to be very impressive and I personally can't wait to get my hands on one!  (Click here to see more info about this deal.) 

Important to note:  Remember to use your coupons wisely (and take them all with you when you are out shopping), especially at Bath and Body Works where deals and coupons lead to SPECTACULAR buys!!!

So that's my bit of advice for now.  Just check out the sites for Black Friday at your leisure.  I will post real, true Black Friday information as I come across it.  Hopefully we can all find some fab Black Friday deals this year!!  (And I am still hoping for my $49 Blu-Ray; that was a rumored "sale price" for this season quite a few months back - we'll see if it happens!!)