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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Great Woman's Day Deal (and gift giving opportunity)!!!

Attention all you Woman's Day subscription holders!  I have some info on a spectacular deal for all of you! 

I recently renewed my Woman's Day for $5/year and was quite proud; I feel that that is one heck of a great price to get a yearly magazine for (especially one that has such great advice, easy (and tasty!) recipes, and tips on useful services and good deals!) 

Anyway, I ran across the following deal today:  if you are a subscription holder and renew your subscription for $15 a year, they will give you TWO FREE gift subscriptions to give away!  To sweeten the deal, they will knock off $2 if you renew online!  That's $13 for your yearly subscription plus TWO more friends or family!  That equals about $4.30 a year per subscription!  I don't know about you, but I think that magazine subscriptions can be a great gift for the holidays!  (Also good to note:  a free holiday gift card will be sent with the gift subscriptions.)

So if you are looking to renew your Woman's Day and know of 2 other people who love to have it as a gift, then click here to get the deal now!