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Friday, October 30, 2009

Shhhhh.... The secret to getting HUNDREDS of discounts....

Many of you visit my website or ask me personally about discounts. They do send out some really great email deals, but I want to let you in on a little secret that you may or might not know of that may help you out...

There are actually HUNDREDS of deals available to you at ALL times on And they are SPECTACULAR deals. The only catch? You have to be a member of Artscow. If you have previously ordered from them, then chances are that you are a member. If not, sign up here (it’s fast, free, and easy).

  • Up will pop a page with a long list on left hand side (should be in purple lettering). You will see “Overview”, underneath that count down 3 spaces where it says, “Credit & Discount”; click on that.

  • This brings you to your personal list of Artscow discounts. If you want something, follow that item across the screen to where it says, “Generate” and click it (for that particular item).

  • The page will reset; go back to where you clicked “Generate”. In its place is a code. Next to it, click “Order Now”.

  • Once you have personalized your selected item and placed it in your cart, it will be FREE at check out.

  • **Note: While the items are free, you do have to pay shipping and handling on them.

These items are great for personalized, fun (sometimes beautiful!) yet inexpensive gifts for birthdays, Christmas, etc.! If you are thinking of getting them for the holidays, I would start ordering now!
I hope this tip helps! But beware, Artscow can be very addicting! (Don’t say I didn’t warn you, lol! : )

**And for those of you who are wondering about the level of quality of items, dealing with the company, how fast you get your items, etc. I can personally tell you that I have ordered many an item from this website and NONE of them have ever let me down! They all look great, are great quality, inexpensive to buy, and come when promised (usually sooner!) I’ve never had an issue with payment, the items, or the company! Artscow gets two thumbs up all the way!! : )