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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Late night updates from ThriftyGuy

Hey everyone!

ThriftyGuy here (not to be confused with ThriftyGrl) and I have some good deals you may be interested in. Some of them may only be around for a few hours so take advantage while you can and expect to see more from me in the near future.

So let’s get started…

Ever wish you could recover lost files from when your computer crashed or maybe just a file you accidentally deleted? Go to and download GRT Deleted Files Recovery. This is a free download of the program and it doesn’t have any spyware! But you must hurry because it will be gone in about 4 hours. *****Update, this deal is now over*****

Next are a few free samples. Now I know that I won’t be using all of them, but I am sure some of you will get better use out of these.

 Free Sample of GoodNites Underpants

Free Sample of Emergen-C Mulit-Vitamin

Free Sample of Prilosec OTC

**Must answer two easy questions to qualify for the Prilosec OTC**

Free Sample of Playtex Sport is offering free one year subscriptions to various Business Magazines to those who qualify.

Sign Up for Ruby Tuesdays' Stay Connected and recieve valuable coupons. I just recieved a Buy One Get One Free coupon for their Sunday Brunch. Also, when you sign up, on your birthday, you will get a coupon for a free burger. I recieved mine this year and it was delicious.

I also have a few free (at the time of this post) songs available for download.

The Sunstreak - Until I Met You

Blake Lewis - Sad Song

Phoenix - Girlfriend

Ivan - Silueta De Cristal

That's all for now