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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Disappointing Old Navy Night...

Wow....  Old Navy Weekly has sunk to a new low.  I was so excited to be home for the reset this week and despite feeling sick, was sticking around to help everyone get coupons.  However, once the website reset, none of the coupons actually worked for ANYONE.  There weren't any $75's and the $50's were declared gone before any of us could even get on (and that was a chat room of over 200 people!)  Once we all started hunting, we quickly figured out locations, but something was clearly wrong with the site, as the coupons did not pop up for anyone.

I am not only extremely disappointed (and disgusted) with ONW, but am also very sad that I cannot offer any coupons this week.  Not only do I not have any to give out, but I can't even tell you locations, as they are STILL not working correctly at this time.  Sorry for the disappointment guys... ThriftyGuy and I are with you in the frustration tonight!!  If anything changes, we'll let you know!