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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Deals at Walgreens (today only!)

So as ThriftyGuy mentioned, I am not feeling my best...  Unfortunately I had to drag myself out of bed today because I needed cough medicine and I came across some pretty good deals at Walgreens....good enough that I decided to muster up enough energy to blog it before going back to bed again!

***Now keep in mind, these deals are only good today, as sales will change tomorrow....

Quilted Northern Toilet Paper (9 BIG rolls):  on sale for $3.99 (GREAT price!!), use a $1 off coupon from to make it even better!  STOCK UP!!

Nyquil (my savior!):  Regular price $5.99, buy 2 (10 oz) and get $5 in register rewards.  If you look closely, there are 12 oz bottles for the price of the 10oz bottles; use 2 $1 off any Nyquil products coupons (cut previously from the Sunday paper); making it $10 for the 2 bottles.  When all is said and done, you get the 2 bottles of Nyquil for $5 (after register rewards!)

Walgreens cough and cold medicine (compare to Robitussin):  You can either get syrup or pills; on sale for BOGO (most are priced at $3.99, which for 2 bottles of cough syrup is GREAT!!)

These deals are a great way to stock up, especially for when you are sick!  Also, if you go to the pharmacy counter, you may want to check out the "Diabetes and You"; it's a FREE magazine chock full of great info and advice, recipes (the creamy chopped cauliflower salad looks yummy!), and not to mention LOTS of coupons!  What a great (FREE) resource!!

Hope this helps!  (And hope you all are staying healthy!!)