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Friday, October 30, 2009

Attention all those who love to cook (or are looking to improve their skills!): FREE online culinary school! (lessons, techniques, recipes, and more!)

If you are like me and love to cook, then you may find yourself looking up recipes and trying new techniques from time to time to spice it up. I’ve always wanted to try culinary school (not for the job, but to tweak my cooking skills), but have never found the time. Until now.

I found this great (FREE) website from the Rouxbe cooking school. Their website states,

“Want to learn to be a chef? Wish you could go to cooking school but just can't find the time? Or maybe you just want to become a better home cook?

Rouxbe is a new kind of culinary website where we teach home cooks how to cook better by using the same process that professional chefs and culinary schools have used for decades all over the world. It starts with learning cooking skills and culinary techniques and then practicing these newly acquired skills and techniques with delicious recipes.

So you won't find celebrity chefs or millions of user generated recipes at Rouxbe but you will find hundreds of close up instructional cooking videos that focus on the food and learning how to cook it. Who knows, you might just become a great home chef after all. What are you waiting for?”

You start by “enrolling” in your free online account and then the sky is the limit! They have great, easy to follow instructional videos, “practice” recipes so that you can truly learn the technique, and even quizzes to see if you have grasped what is important from the lesson. There are payable premium memberships, but they aren’t required. (I was able to watch videos and learn without even signing up for the free account!)

It’s like watching a cooking show, only they go much slower and explain it all! If you are a foodie or looking to perfect your skills, this might be the website for you!

Check it out here!